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How to open a Ticket

Email: support@voipintouch.com

How to recharge your card

Go to http://card.voipintouch.com and choose the Recharge option from the menu above.
Insert your Card Number (PIN) twice in the provided fields and click Submit. Choose the amount and click one of the Buy Now Buttons.
If you do not want to open a PayPal account choose the "Pay with a debit or credit card" option.

How to check the price for a call

Go to http://card.voipintouch.com and choose the  option Check Rate from the menu above. Enter phone number and click Submit.

How to place a call

In order to place a call please dial 718-451-8001, 202-640-6170, 202-769-5317 or dial from your computer using Google voice and one of the numbers above.
Press 1 for Premium rates (Best quality) or 2 for Standard rates (Best price).

In order to access to speed up the process you can use one of the direct access numbers to skip the first step.

Premium direct access number: 213-375-0940

Standard direct access number: 213-375-0941

If you want to redial the last dialed number use 0*#

Enter your phone card number (PIN) then pound (This step will be skipped for Pin-less Dialing).

Enter the phone number you wish to call then #. (format accepted 011+country code+number, 00+country code+number, country code+number, 1+number for NOAM region). It is not necessary to dial 011 or 00 in front of a international number, start directly with the country code. Dial 1 in front of US and Canadian and other NOAM region numbers.

The actual rate charged for each call will be announced at the beginning of the call.

"Pin-less Dialing". Never register a company phone number for pin-less dialing. Many companies choose to present the same Caller ID for the whole company. Anyone in the office that will dial the access number will be able to use your card.

Dial from your computer

If you have a Google Mail account you can dial the access numbers directly from your browser - use the Google client.
If you want to use a SIP client please contact customer support.