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Terms and conditions

By singnig for a VoipInTouch phone card you accept the following terms and conditions:

30 Days Money Back Warranty - If you are not satisfied with the calling card service you can ask for a refund in the first 30 days after the payment - no questions asked.

1 Year Expiration after the last call - if a Card is not used for a year the account will be automatically closed and the credit is lost.

The service is a best effort service - VoipInTouch cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by the fact that the sevice may not be avaialble at times.

Why do we need your email?
We send important information about your purchases to your email address.. Your privacy is important for us - We do not share your personal information with any 3rd parties.

Rates can change, but the actual rate charged for each call will be announced at the beginning of the call.

"Pinless Dialing". This is convenient but is a security risk. If you prefer to enter the Pin each time you call please decline the option at signup time.